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img_2183Welcome! You may know me as DEMUNSEED, MR GIMPY, or the THIN MAN (podcast). I’m a full time artist, drone pilot, comic blogger and product review critic. This website is where you’ll discover all of my lifes passions. Art, Drones and Wild Adventure. I HOPE to give you a chuckle along the way. acesblack

Owner – Peter Ellin & Son Adam


Here are some links to get you started. Everything from my WORLD FAMOUS (in my own  head) Youtube Channel, Press stories, a Guinness World Record and other random crap….!


2011 – Flying “UFO’s”?

“SWARM” – Search & Rescue Drone Network

Facebook – Jim Bowers

Twitter – @Demunseed

Guinness World Record – 1MileClock

Random Art & Adventure:   Largest “Logo” on Earth / “Big Ass” Chinese Dragon / Terrasphere / Eyes of Gawd / 500 Buddhas / Fire&Steel Festival

Original Art & Prints (For Sale) – Jim Bowers Art

Press – NBC – MAKE – National Geographic – Business Insider – INTERDRONE – Marin County Sheriff – USA Today – Wall Street Journal –

Click HERE to watch my  Youtube videos! (SUBSCRIBE!)


17 thoughts on “Jimmy Bowers

  1. hiya buddy, glad ur still kickin, ya know i never did get my tee shirt for donating $50 to your movie, never heard what happened to the movie? was it completed? anyhow, no worries here, i did want to see the movie tho, glad ur still moving along on terra firma (grin) best regards buddy, chuck peck

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  2. Yo Mason… ya probably thought I was 6’ UNDER by now… Not yet my friend. I’ve been dealing with a progressive Nuero condition but yet another surgery in October (hopefully), and I hope to be back in the saddle. This shits gettin old my friend.
    I have built a new, full production studio. It’s ready to launch… just gathering dust. So, thanx for sticking around while I try to reinvent myself.
    See ya Soon!!



  3. Hello Jim, man where have you been, there are new drones out that need reviewed” in only the way you can”. Miss you in you-tube land.

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  4. Like your video on the Autel x starvs the phantom 4.please also inform the fly distance between each drone.thank you for a great job.


  5. always been an inspiration thanks for your informative insight into the ever confusing world of drones
    eyes in the sky and all the best
    got rid of my chroma dji 1 2 3 and yuneec 500 and am quite content with the x star
    not much out there for the price an customer service that can beat that cheers to better health and look forward to more info and insights in days to come


  6. Hey Jim!
    Just got my Phantom 3 advanced from acesdeals.biz ! I am a happy camper once again and I’m glad you all teamed up cause they are just the nicest folks and customer service is first and for most
    with them as well as customer satisfaction!

    I would have to say if it wasn’t for you and the informative, wacky, off the frickin wall you tube vids you have dones pertaining to drones, the hones’t down to earth like it or not results of the products that you test it would be a dark expensive and bad experience just buying one and everything would go to hell in a hand basket! However with your guidence and and plane english in everyday terms even a dumbass like me could learn to fly! Thanks!!

    Plus starting S,W,A,R,M, and now S.W.A.R.M. critters was a great idea and it is great to also see the positive side (after all the bad stuff you see and hear on the news about them) of all the great things they can do!!


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  7. As always classy job, it looks good and inviting and always interesting….. Miss your face.. hope you’re doing well.. Bare


  8. Yep – with the newest firmware update, there are a lot more “safeguards” and restrictions. If you fly anywhere near a NFZ, it’ll ask for your frikkin CC info, so they can track you in the event of sn “incident”.


  9. Hello Vince – I’m so glad you stopped by! And, I’m glad your enjoying this new amazing hobby and technology. If theres ever anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate to get ahold of me. – HUGS! Jim


  10. Hi Jim Just wanted you to know that I love your YouTube videos! I love Drones and am really researching! Of all the YouTube videos I’ve watched, you have by far been the most honest and real person I’ve ever seen regarding Drones! Also just read your site- didn’t know you were multitalented! Am in contact with acesdeals Peter to get a drone (x star premium) . I’ve just watched your video on it and you sold me! Personal information I’m 66 years old and have been a contract painter for the same Co.for 35 years. Love anything that flies and am just starting to enjoy the video part of flying! Please get well- you’re needed on this earth! Thankyou! Vince


  11. Hi, I like some of the NFZ on Dji GO App but I don’t like that you have to only can go one mile! Did you read all about it they can take your account from you at any time. Please tell me about the on how far you can go.


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