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7 thoughts on “COMMENTS!

  1. Thank you SO much for the compliments Rick… I’v e been down awhile, but I’m not OUT! Conscious had to go on hold and get a makeover due to “Child Actor” requirements and outrageous cost, but we start shooting again in spring. (Never count me out my friend! – HUGS, Jim


  2. Thank You ALL for your kind words and Support! I hope to continue Demunseed, but I’m not going to be able to keep up with a Weekly Video….
    And CONSCIOUS isn’t dead yet. We commence shooting May 1st.


  3. Damn! I REALLY appreciate your compliment. I’m having a bit of a rough patch, health wise. The surgery didn’t cure me. Now they say I have an udignosed, untreatable, irreversible, progressive Nuero Ataxia….. :-/ “Ain’t that a BITCH!” LOL. AHHH Hell, I’m STILL 6’ Over! ((((((((HUGS))))))))


  4. Dear God,
    There our only so many angel’s on this earth and Jim Bowers is one of them, I lost my leg in a hunting accident and Mr. Bowers gave me a new hobby that i could re-direct my anger & hurt: Now i’m a pilot of a dam drone of all things! Thanks to Jim’s teaching and educating me of how to fly them. I listen to all Jim’s videos and learn the fly through always YouTube knowledge of drones. I don’t believe I would’ve purchased one if it wasn’t for Jim, please God lead him through his surgery so he can come back to all the people that love him in need his guidance. I am the highest respect for this man being that he takes the time to help others as well as putting closure to families for the loss of their loved ones. Watch over Jim and make him better cause we all need to love him. Plus I need to see the movie conscious.

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  5. Hey jimbo, I love your videos. Keep um coming brother, I just kissed my flabby ass disgusting fat herry woman. Woof she’s a wilder beast but I love her beastly ass. Thanks bud, stay healthy ❤🙏🏾😊


  6. Nice looking website Jim, Keep your old crazy ass healthy so there can be more great video/reviews.. Make sure you kiss that flabby ass wife of yours for me!!!!


  7. Hi Jim, hope your feeling better, we need your gabby ass to get better. Thanks for steering us to Peter at aces deals. What s great guy to deal with. Just bought my phantom 4 pro with a beautiful aluminum case. Whey a great bird it is. Flys like a dream.


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