Conscious – Feature Film

Written / Directed By Jim Bowers ©2016

Artist and film maker Jim Bowers is directing a feature film in northern California, in and around the city of Colfax and Placer County beginning in 2016.. This “Humorous Sci-Fi Adventure” revolves around a quirky and reclusive artist and his love for solitude and wilderness adventure. While hiking these beautiful, off the map destinations, he stumbles upon a mysterious device that will change his life FOREVER!WikiTrans


Conscious Tee
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The “Conscious” film project is currently (2018) on summer break since the story takes place during the Fall and Winter months. We are also recasting the Lead Characters in order to avoid State and County regulations that require a “School Teacher” be on-set whenever any minor (under 18) is working in any capacity on the film. A state licensed “School Teacher” who doesn’t actually TEACH at all, are essentially just high paid ($600 day) Child Welfare “Lookouts.” Essentially, we’d be broke in a week.
We’ll be announcing for open auditions before November.
If you would like to Donate to this low budget “Independent Film Project”, it is EXTREMELY appreciated. Our estimated total budget to complete CONSCIOUS is in the neighborhood of $16,000. The $4400 we’ve raised to date has kick started the film by allowing us to shoot about 20% of the B-Roll (backgrounds) for this exciting and humorous PG13 film.
Thank You for Supporting this dream. I’ll do my best not to disappoint.
Sincerely – Jim Bowers


  • Writer/Director – Jim Bowers
  • Assistant Director – Tammy Sumner
  • Music/Score – Ted Vincent
  • Directors PA – Shani Stein
  • Construction – Arlen Bodily
  • UAS Model Artist – Adam Whitley
  • Continuity – Robert Candler / Foxey McCleary
  • UAS Handlers – Mike Holt / Jonathan Collazo / Mark Youngren
  • Social Media Director – Don Wendt
  • Aerial Imaging – Powervision©
  • Primary UAS Sponsor – AcesDeals.Net – Peter Ellin
  • Technical Advisor – Mars Homeworld
  • Key Grip –  Wayne Domoe / Karl Fischer
  • Production Stills – Jim Rydell / Hannah Wren / Lauren Williams / Mark Youngren

3 thoughts on “Conscious – Feature Film

  1. Tried to leave a comment on Go Fund Me but it wouldn’t let me.
    John Samtak
    131 Somerset Terrace
    Bedminster, NJ 07921
    Size L
    Cant wait to see the flick from Flabby Ass Films

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