~ My Art ~

“Whatever you do, be BRILLIANT!”

– JBowers –

From photography to oils on a blank canvas, big or small. A lifetime of artistic obsession. From large scale public art, murals, photography, video and sculpture. Throughout California and around the world my art on display. And then, my greatest artistic obsession came to me in 2010. Little did I know that in 2012 I’d be diagnosed with an incurable, untreatable, progressive nuero-motor disease that would change my life forever.

Completely unaware of my future, I was still living in the moment, and by 2010 it was “about time! Time to go big! I was going to design, create and build a working, precisely accurate, massive CLOCK!…. This was to be my most ambitious, creative, “techno-nerdy” masterpiece ever. It had to be BIG ! REALLY BIG! So big….. that you could see it from space!

” Uhhh, Houston. Is that Pacific or Eastern Time I’m seeing down there?”


First, I needed other brilliant minds.  So I brought together over 125 Scientists, Engineers, Phyisists, and  talented artists from as far away as a remote tribe in Africa. Together, each one with his or her own inner spark of pure genius, we set out to build the Worlds Largest Clock.

It took 16 months of 12 hour days to envision, engineer, calibrate and test. Then, on Labor Day weekend 2011, over 63,000 revelers witnessed, marveled, photographed, applauded and then sat respectfully silent, as I burned it to the ground on the final day, the grande finale at the annual Burning Man Festival in Nevada. Nationwide press coverage, interviews, witness statements, blue-prints, photos from the ground and from the Ikonos satelite,  officially entered me into the Guinness Book of World Records for the “Largest Timepiece” ever created. 3.25 square miles in diameter. Yep, it was BIG!

I also spearheaded the creation of Americas largest single work of Art. A 1/2 mile wide and 750′ tall Logo, at the Burning Man Festival.

The “Tribe” project, was photographed by the GeoEye Satellite. In the photos below, there are 3 Big Rigs, 2 trucks and 150+ project staff and volunteers parked or standing, completely INSIDE the “Dot” over the letter “I”.  Yep, it was BIG!

Over the last 40+ years, I’ve contributed dozens of large scale public murals and works of art. The “Shadows Project” put Colfax Ca “on the map” as a must see destination for tourists passing through. My more recent murals were created as a collaboration with my good friend, partner and talented artist, Foxey McCleary.

“The Crystal Chandelier”

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Order framed canvas, quality prints, greeting cards, posters, coffee cups and even cell phone cases! Purchase via Paypal or credit card. I hope you’ve enjoyed my art and Thanks for your support! ~ Jim

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