Public Art

For Future Generations…

 “The 1MileClock” – Black Rock Desert, Nevada – 2011

My largest and most intense public art installation of my artistic career. It took an entire year to create. It operated flawlessly for over a week, then burned to the ground. It was a $35,000 crowd funded project that FINALLY got me inducted into the Guinness Book Of World Records (Largest Timepiece). Together with over 125 scientists, brilliant engineers and artists from around the globe, we were the FIRST to get Burning Man into Guinness and we created the largest art installation in Burning Man history. Click HERE (Part 1) and HERE (Part 2) for short documentary videos of this epic art piece.

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“Paradise Donuts” – Grass Valley Ca. – 2016

Located at the corner of Dorsey Dr. and Main Street, this commission was one of the most challenging, yet rewarding projects I’ve ever taken on. Starting from a 2×4 studded room, I created an outdoor tropical “beach experience” indoors. When you walk thru the front door, you feel like your walking onto a remote beach resort. This project was created with the help and artistic collaboration of Foxey McCleary. Paradise Donuts will open its doors in early August 2016.

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“The Shadows Project” – Colfax Calif. – 2012

Commissioned by the City of Colfax (News Story), this mural was the first in a series of 7 “shadow murals” I created throughout the community. The idea for this first mural came to me while walking down the sidewalk one sunny afternoon. As I walked along the wall, my own shadow followed along beside me on the 350′ long bare cinder block retaining wall. From there, I came up with a proposal to the city council for a “historic peek into the cities past”.

“Shadows Past” is made up of 12 different and unique scenes all based on life in the 1800’s. Visitors to this mural are able to cast their own shadow directly onto the mural, interacting with the art for photo opportunities.

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“Glee” – Colfax Calif. Community Center – 2014

My second “Shadow mural” in Colfax, this piece is centered around the games children USED TO PLAY, before computers, cell phones and video games. In the “olden days” we skate boarded, played “leap frog”, “London Bridges. We flewe kites and Hula Hooped for fun. The Colfax Community Center is located in the Historic Elementary School building on School Street in old town Colfax.

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“Celebration” – Union Pacific Utility Shed / Downtown Colfax Ca. – 2013

This mural depicts a crowd of local Colfax residents welcoming the two Amtrak “Zephyr” passenger trains that pass through downtown daily. Eastbound at 10am and Westbound at 2pm. Click HERE for news story.


“The Vallejo Project” – Sonoma California – 2014

A California State art curator visited Colfax and after viewing our “Shadow Murals” here, the state commissioned me to create a similar mural in the central California historic town of Sonoma. Foxey McCleary and I spent three days in an RV there while we created this work. Click HERE for a short time lapse video of this murals entire creation.

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“The Congregation” – Colfax Methodist Church-Culver St. Colfax Ca.- 2014

This circa 1800’s theme was #6 in our 7 mural series. The local methodist church commissioned me to create a scene where church parishioners arrive for Sunday services. This particular mural was challenging in that the surface area was slatted board with a concrete footing. The shadows needed to look natural as they were cast on the wall.

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“Tunnel from the Past” – Culver St. – Colfax Ca. – 2015

This was created with a three dimensional idea in mind. The Chinese immigrant laborer breaks through from a long dark tunnel, “Back to the Future.” In the photo below, notice how visitors to this piece can place themselves into the art for “selfie” moments.

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